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The 14th IBJJF European Open Championships will take place this week-end in the beautiful Lisbon, Portugal.

For some, this event is widely regarded as one of the biggest Jiu-Jitsu event in Europe. With a breaking record of more than 3500 competitors on the last edition, this year’s event is destined to shine.

From world champions to local fighters, this European open will bring competitors from every corners of the world.

Jiu-Jitsu : Let’s get an in-depth look into the Black Belt divisions

The Roosterweights (127 lbs): The absence of the reigning champion Caio Terra, will open the door to the fresh French BJJ newcomers Nicolas Gaillard (Toulon JJB) and Vincent Nguyen (Atos).

jiu-jitsu -57kg

However the obstacles rising before them this year will be tough to overcome. Embodied by the young and talented Eduardo Barboza (GFTEAM), which just happen to be the Panams 2016 runner up in the brown belt division, and the beast from the east Koji Shibamoto (Tri-force) winner of European 2012 edition and runner up of 2016.

The Light-Featherweights (141.5 lbs) :

Who will be the king of the Berimbolo ? Last year Champion Hiago George (Cicero Costha) returns the competition facing the sensational new Black Belts Isaac Doederlein (Alliance) and Michael Musumeci (Brasa) respectively Brown Belt European Champion and World No Gi Black Belt Champion.

jiu-jitsu -64

As a snake, quiet but deadly, Joao Miyao (Cicero Costha) , widely regarded as one of the true masters of the berimbolo technique, will enter this edition to make a statement. But the danger could come from an old rivalry with French Black Belt Julien Gaillard (Toulon JJB) who will try to avenge the loss of his brother Nicholas three years ago against Mister Miyao.



Jiu-Jitsu : One of the most exciting weight class this year

The Featherweights (154.5) : One of the most exciting weight class this year ! Real Monsters are hungry to come out with a bang in the Jiu-Jitsu world. The former champion will not defend his title this year, making a room for up-and-coming warriors to seize gold. The man who needs no introduction, 2015 ADCC Champion, Charles “Cobrinha” Maciel (Alliance) is back to take over Europe once again.

A clash of generation will take place. On one hand, the new BJJ trend represented by the likes of Gianni Grippo (Alliance), Isaque Paiva (Saikoo Jiu-Jitsu) and Alexandre Vieira (BTT), on the other hand the battle tested Jiu-Jitsu of Carlos Holanda (Alliance), Tiago Bravo (Brasa) and Gabriel Marangoni (Brasa).

The Lightweights (168 lbs) :  Current World No Gi Black Belt Champion and European Champion Marcio Andre (Nova Uniao) will fiercely defend his Grail. But an army of experienced and determined Black Belts will stand before him.

Renato Canuto (Drysdale) 2016 Brown Belt World Champion. IlkeBulut (Icon) Europe’s most decorated competitor. AndrisBrunovskis (Atos) little worms guard prodigy fresh out the Atos laboratory. Luan Carvalho (Nova Uniao) Brazilian National Champion 2015. Lastly the return of bjj standout Rodrigo Caporal (Atos), who trade for years his gi against MMA gloves.

Jiu-jitsu : In the Middleweight division colossal fights are bound to happen!

The middleweights (181,5 lbs) : A lot of superstars this year in perspective, which means colossal fights are bound to happen! Jaime Canuto (gfteam)who beat Clark Gracie back in 2014 is coming in strong this year. However a barrage obstacles will stand in his way coming in the form of ADCC 2015 champion Davi Ramos (Atos).

English half-guard specialist Oliver Geddes (roger gracie) will have to face once again a plethora of skilled competitors this time around. Because Marcelo Garcia Protégé Marcos Tinoco (alliance) is coming to reclaim his European throne.

But the Old Continent has not surrender yet. Lead by one of the most successful bjj academy in Europe, Eduardo Rios and Sebastian Brosche (Frontline) will face the waves of Brazilian Black Belts coming to get their piece of the cake.

The Medium-Heavyweights (195 lbs) : The King of the open weight division is back ! Claudio Calasans (Atos) ADCC 2015 absolute winner  and 2015 World Champion has nothing left to prove. Three times European Champion, he will have to keep an eye on the division. Because the new generation is prepared and ready to take over.
The likes of Luca Anacoreta (Aeterna) and Horlando Monteiro (Nova Uniao) are gathering a impressive collection of medals (Brown Belt World Champion, European Champion Gi/No Gi, Panam Champion…) Patrick Gaudio (GFTEAM) is competing for more than just a 3rd place this time.

Jiu-jitsu : Leandro Lo is going Heavyweight !

The Heavyweights (208 lbs) : This is 2017’s biggest surprise yet: Leandro Lo (Ns Brotherhood) is moving up to the heavyweight division! He started his world championships achievements as a Lightweight before transitioning to heavier weight classes.

Does his legendary stamina will stand in this new division? Helvecio Penna (Delariva) will show us youngsters once again than age is just a number. At 56 years of age he will gladly take on much energetic and fresh opponents. Tanner Rice (Soul Fighter), Cobrinha first American Black Belt and Brown Belt World Champion, will also bring it hard.

The Super-Heavyweights (222 lbs) : In this weight class, young prodigy Mahamed Aly (Lloyd Irvin) will face experienced fighters such as Lucio Rodriguez (Gracie Barra) and Vitor Toledo (Atos) who are used to medaled in the most prestigious competitions.

The Ultra-Heavyweights (No limits) : The main opposition will most certainly gravitate around the two standouts of this weight class Igor Silva and Ricardo Evangelista (GFTEAM). Training partners with an unorthodox game for their weight (closed guard) the will impose the tempo from the get go.

In the women’s divisions : A wave of impressive  Jiu-Jitsu level will crash onto the mats with fighters such as Mackenzie Dern, TammiMusumeci, Tatiana Alencar, BeatrizMesquita,  Luiza Monteiro,  GezaryMatuda et TayanePorfirio.

jiu-jitsu filles

The Absolute will also be an interesting one to look for since the young and talented Mackenzie want to leave a mark in women’s jiu-jitsu history. Even though she has succumbed to the MMA siren’s call for now.

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